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What is the interactive whiteboard?

It is a system that enables your computer screen to be projected onto a dedicated whiteboard, and to interact directly with this touch-sensitive board. You can project images, videos, make your presentations more dynamic, etc.

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What use is the interactive board for my company?

The whiteboard or Smart Board enables you to make your meetings and presentations more dynamic, and to improve your productivity.

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What equipment do you need to use the interactive whiteboard?

You need:

  • The interactive whiteboard
  • A computer connected to the board
  • A projector connected to the board if it is not directly integrated

The Meeting Pro software package will also be useful for writing and recording your notes. But this last item is already incorporated into our products!

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Do I need a special technical installation?

A technical installation is proposed to you when you request a quotation on line. It is not compulsory but highly recommended for a rapid and reliable installation.

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What software can I use on my interactive board?

The Smart Boards are compatible with Microsoft OFFICE©:

  • Make your presentations with PowerPoint© or Excel©
  • Write your notes with Word©

A Meeting Pro application is already included. It has been entirely thought out for company solutions, to make entering, saving and distributing data easy.

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How is it used?

With smart technology, you can write with a simple touch of your finger or a digital ink pen. Once the board has been installed and the smart Gowire connected to your board, you can use your software immediately! Are you still lost? No problem, we can offer you a choice of two training courses :

  • An initial training course to understand the smart boards and the meeting pro software
  • A personalised refresher course with a smart board expert.
To select these courses just mark the boxes when you ask for a quotation here. If you already have a quotation or already have a smart board, contact us on our e-mail address: or on + 32 10 244 884.

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Can we use the internet with an interactive board?

Yes of course, the smart boards enable you to navigate the web.
To do this just start up the Internet Explorer© navigator from your smart board.

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I use the Mac OS operating system: is it compatible?

Yes, you can use a Mac computer on the smart board. In order to do this, when registering your software online from your smart board, you must specify that the computer you are connected to is a Mac.

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How long is the delivery period?

The current delivery period is 7 days.

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Are the interactive boards mobile?

No, the Smart Boards are installed and fixed against a wall. The board can be moved by technicians to your charge.

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I am looking for sources, videos for my interactive board: where can I find them? recommends several videos to you concerning:

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